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General Rules

Post by Chan on Sat May 07, 2011 6:50 pm

This has been created to keep clean and clear of our forum please follow this important rules.

Posting Rules:
No spamming- in the forum all spam will be moved in the basket.

No Double posting- wait for at least 24 hours before you can bump your thread.

No Posting of game hacks/pirate software- anyone will post this will be banned and we will removed the link and we will moved in the basket.

Do not use colored letter-use only the default color this is only reserve for staff when moderating.

Colors for the moderation:
DotA Administrators - Red
DotA Global Moderators -Violet
DotA Trial Moderators - Orange

Behavior Rules:
•Respect your fellow members and staff

•Be patients

•Do not shout like all your words are capz

•If you found some is not following the rules please PM a staff

Warning Bar:

•If your avatar doesn't respect the rules and you ignore the moderator's request to have it changed, the Administrator will forbid you from displaying an Avatar

•Advertising for money-related stuff = Immediate ban

•Ignoring the moderators warnings and continuing to not respect the rules and insulting people will result in a ban from this forum

•Warnings: On this forum, depending on the gravity of the rules that you break, you will notice one of the following images on the "warning level" on your profile:

- No Warning
- You have 1 Warning
- You have 2 Warnings
- You have 1 Serious Warning.
- You are Banned
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